After several mountain biking trips and a few actions to help children in Nepal, it became impossible for me to continue riding without thinking of all those people I met who saw me riding a top-of-the-range mountain bike, while themselves dreaming of having a simple bike to get around…

I therefore decided, through this structure, to integrate a contribution in a regular, supportive and organized way that will engage BIKAPA and its customers on every tour.

By choosing BIKAPA, you support the Velafrica association for bicycle mobility in Africa and human integration in Switzerland through cycling mechanics workshops.

With every tour, you also support the Mountain Wilderness association, which works to protect our environment.

Since 1993, VELAFRICA has been promoting bicycle mobility in Africa.

Unused bicycles are collected in Switzerland, then repaired and exported to seven African countries to facilitate access to schools, jobs and medical centers.

Both BIKAPA and its customers are committed to supporting VELAFRICA with a donation of CHF 5 for each tour.