1- We are a group of 5 people and would like to do a guided bike tour exclusively for us, is this possible?

We organize private electric bike tours, adapted to your wishes and to the requested date. A minimum number of participants is usually not required. We can offer a special group rate on request by email.

2- Can I book a guide on my own for one or more tours?

Yes, you can book a guide for one or more private tours. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, the guide can devote himself entirely to your wishes on the date of your choice, without group pressure and will prepare a customised tour just for you.

3- How do I register for an E Bike tour?

Registering for our E-Bike tours is very simple with the registration form for your chosen tour directly on our website. Once we have received your registration, we will send you a confirmation with the tour details and payment conditions.

4- Why take a guided tour?

– High quality equipment rental included (E Bike, helmet and gloves if required).
– A local guide to take you on the most beautiful scenic paths.
– A tour tailored to your level for more fun and safety.
– Valuable advice on how to ride an electric bike and your technique.
– A guaranteed experience for rides in Lavaux or adventures in the mountains.
– Authentic anecdotes about the region and good vibes!

5- What is the approximate size of the E Bike tour group that accompanies you?

Each guided tour has an average of 2-4 participants. Our small groups allow us to organise tours in a flexible, friendly way thanks to the electric pedal assistance. It’s a good opportunity to meet other like-minded people.

6- How do I know if I meet the physical and technical fitness requirements?

We do a bike tour and don’t do mountain bike training.
For private tours: You set the rhythm and we adapt to you while we ride the planned tour.
For group rides: On the climbs, everyone rides at their own rhythm.
Then the small group meets a little higher up and we continue together again. On the single track sections, those who ride faster can take the track first and those who are less experienced can ride down with me and they can take advantage of the technical tips to improve their riding and ride down with more pleasure and confidence.

The bike tours are divided according to two criteria: technical / physical level.
To find out the level of our mountain bike tours, detailed information is given on each tour. The electric pedal assistance makes it easier to climb, and longer for beginners.
We have created a grid of technical/physical levels specific to Bikapa to adapt the E Bike tour to your level for more pleasure and less apprehension.

If you would like more information, please contact me!

7- Do we have a food break during the tour?

It’s of course up to you to decide and to inform the guide in advance. If you wish, we will stop in nice mountain restaurants for a short 20m break.
We also make some short breaks where you can eat and drink something. For the mountain tours we recommend you to take for example biscuits, bananas or energy bars.

8- What happens if my E-Bike breaks down?

During a guided tour: The mountain bike guide is also a qualified bike mechanic and is equipped with the necessary tools to remedy the most common breakdowns and get back on the trail quickly. You don’t need to do anything.

During a rental: You will be given a repair kit for the most common breakdowns and must repair the breakdown yourself. If this is not possible, you should be able to go to the nearest bike shop (repairs are at your charge).

9- Can I bring my own E-Bike?

Yes, if you prefer to bring your own bike, make sure you bring any special tools your E Bike may need. If you bring your own E-Bike, we recommend that you have to checked it at a specialist shop before your cycling tour. We offer a special rate without our bike rental.

10- Is the E Bike tour maintained in case of bad weather?

As mountain biking is a natural activity, the tours are subject to weather conditions. In case of rain, fog or strong wind, which can be dangerous, we prefer to report or cancel the tour, as we like to give you unforgettable experiences in good weather.
For winter trips, on snow or at night, it can also happen that the snow conditions don’t allow us to ensure a quality trip, especially when the snow is not hard enough or for night trips when the fog prevents us from enjoying the starry nights and the illuminated cities.
Only the instructor can decide whether to cancel or postpone the activity. The guide will take note of the latest weather reports before making any decision. If we are unable to reschedule the activity, you will be refunded.

11- What do I need to rent a bike from Bikapa?

Before you go riding, we have a few formalities for you to complete. We will need a valid identity document (passport, ID card) (we will return it to you at the end of the rental period) and a bank card for the deposit.

12- How do I go about hiring a bike from Bikapa?

You can reserve your bike using the Contact Form. If you have specific questions, you can contact us by phone +41 76 803 74 38.

13- Where do I pick up my rented bike?

You can pick up your rented bike at our structure in Vevey. Several departures are possible.

We can also offer to deliver your bike directly to your hotel in Vevey, Montreux or Lavaux. For this you will have to pay an additional CHF 10 per bike delivered.

And as a bonus, advice on itineraries will be given to you to make your experience a success.