Powerfly FS4

The Powerfly FS 4 625 is an all-suspension VTTAE that lets you take on both rough and tumble trails. The soft suspension configuration absorbs the roughness of the terrain, while Bosch’s powerful electric drivetrain and long-life battery boost your ability to climb and eat up the miles on singletrack.

Why you'll love it :

  1. On a VTTAE, all-wheel suspension is a game-changer: it absorbs obstacles in the terrain so you can exploit the full potential of the Bosch pedal-assist system.
  2. The 625 Wh battery gives you more range per charge, for more fun and longer riding.
  3. Trek’s removable integrated battery system looks great and is as user-friendly as can be: it completely conceals the battery in the frame to protect it, makes it easy to remove the battery without tools, and leaves space for attaching a bottle cage, even on a full-suspension VTTAE.
  4. The Purion control system features a walking assistance function and an intelligent eMTB mode that automatically provides the right level of assistance according to the terrain.
  5. The Powerfly FS frame features a curved horizontal tube that makes it easier to put both feet on the ground. What’s more, the Smart Wheel Sizing concept means that your bike will be fitted with the fastest wheels according to size (29-inch wheels for larger frames and 27.5-inch wheels on smaller frames).