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After 17 years of sport practice in diverse natural environments on lands, rocks, glaciers, water and in the air, the nature taught me to increase my awareness of environmental protection. With BIKAPA, I wish to continue this initiative. Together, we can contribute to preserve the nature and its wildlife. I wish to get you involved in the responsible initiative during our mountain bike tours. On top of it, a donation will be offered to the Mountain Wilderness association for each tour organized.

BIKAPA believes that embody these values will direct the future towards a more sustainable economy.

Far away from a profit seeker, it’s a deeper vision aiming for a global well-being in a healthy environment.

This initiative will officially be integrated in 2023 in a RSE where each person will be engaged in sustainability. These are commitments currently taken with you that we will develop together…

"The professional goal of our company is to combine well-being at work and collective commitment with our clients."

Transportation and mobility

Bring people to reduce their mobility of motorized transportation and encouraging public transport or a “sustainable” travel mode to promote the discovery of our region rather than flying…

Most of the starting Mountain Bike Tours will be with non-motorized, departing from Vevey at Bikapa or by train.

Active mobility with cycling to work.

Low impact

Co-working space

Low energy consumption building

Water and electricity controlled with each user

No heating

Decoration with recycled materials

Healthy funding from a moderate impact bank

Self-financing and crowdfunding

Treatments and recycling

Recycling of inner tubes for textile

Maximum reuse and recycling of used bike mechanical parts

Use of clean cleaning products (oil, grease, cleaners, etc.)

Search for second use (cardboard,…)

Waste sorting

Partner selection


Bike shop with common values to BIKAPA

Swiss or French products local and regional

Committed and responsible companies: Lapierre, Endura, Vaude

Lifetime Guaranteed Reliable Equipment

Editorial ecology (website: and other communication media controlled

Engagement with responsible associations

Donations to the association VELAFRICA

Donations to the association MOUNTAIN WILDERNESS

Contribution to the search engine “”

BIKAPA, a liberated and committed Bike company!